The role of legal clinics of law schools in human rights education; Mofid University legal clinic experience
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محل نشر: Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 15, 2011, Pages 3014-3017
نقش: نویسنده
سال نشر: 1390/3/20
وضعیت چاپ : چاپ شده
نحوه تهیه : گروهی
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Previous research has demonstrated that human rights education has an essential role in promotion of human rights and access to justice in societies. However, human rights are still facing serious challenges most of which arise from lack of effective educational methods. Our research shows that legal clinics of law schools can play an important role in dealing with the challenges and enhancing human rights education. The findings indicate clinical human rights education can be regarded as a successful method that enjoys availability, accessibility, acceptability and adaptability. In addition, the results highlight that this method is practical and low cost and can meet the criteria of satisfaction, permanence and frequency of training.